Divorce can be difficult for parents in Ohio and in any other state. It can also add more stress for parents during the holiday season. Ideally, they will realize that the goal is to provide for the needs of their children and ensure they have a quality experience. This will generally involve adults communicating with each other as well as with their kids prior to the holiday season.

Kids generally do better when they have some idea of what is happening during a hectic time. Ideally, they will be kept informed about who they are staying with and when any transitions between family members will take place. To make things easier for the children, the parents will need to remain on civil terms throughout the season. They will also need to make sure that they know where their children are and how they will get there.

However, people should fight the urge to ask their children too many questions about what they did with the other parent or extended family members. While it may be painful to lose old traditions, there should be no rush to create a new routine right away. Over time, new traditions will develop, and in some cases, the old ones will be observed again in the future.

When creating a child custody arrangement, it may be necessary to determine how the parents will handle the holiday season and other vacations from school. Ideally, the plan will allow the child to spend equal amounts of time with both parents. This may be true whether each parent has custody of the child at other times of the year. Parents may wish to hire an attorney to help create a parenting plan that is in the child’s best interest.