Once an Ohio couple decides to end their marriage, there’s often a lengthy process of transition as two households are established from one. Even when the parties know the split is the right path, anxiety can accompany the new beginning. It can be difficult seeing social friends having to choose between former partners. When it comes to business relationships that have been established during the marriage, it is advisable to think twice before continuing on.

Personal finance experts suggest it may be smart to consider a complete financial break from one’s ex. For starters, a new divorcee should establish separate bank accounts, credit cards and retirement and investment accounts. The same goes for financial partners. It is prudent to seek a different accountant, financial adviser and estate planning lawyer. While a couple may have shared these professionals in the past, it’s not wise to do so during a split.

This can be especially difficult in situations where one spouse has had a more dominating role in selecting and interacting with the professionals. The other partner may not know how to go about establishing a new business contact for such matters, but this can become a good opportunity to begin the process of self-assertion and control of one’s life.

The family law attorney handling the divorce can be a good source of reference for other professional services. There are many important decisions to be made throughout the divorce process. With help from legal counsel, a soon-to-be ex can keep emotions at bay and negotiate a fair separation agreement.