A divorce proceeding can be one of the most emotionally taxing legal events a person can experience. Many divorced individuals in Columbus, Ohio, can attest to this fact. However, becoming lost in one’s emotions can have a detrimental effect on the divorce, including the property settlement and parenting plan. Techniques are available that can assist in minimizing the turmoil and making the most of a turbulent situation.

Many experts recommend recollecting on the marriage and identifying stressors that may have led to the divorce. There may be financial, child rearing or other issues that often were the trigger point for hostility and the cause of a communication breakdown. While reexamining the trigger points, individuals should consider other ways to approach the subjects.

During negotiation sessions or other events, it’s important anticipate signs that may cause an eruption of emotions. The signs may only be known to the spouse. It is best to let an attorney know about possible signs before the session begins. If triggered, it is perfectly proper to take a break, pause before speaking or take another method of backing off from the situation. If a warning sign is anticipated with a plan on how to deal with it beforehand, it is less likely to devolve into a harmful tirade.

Most couples who have been together for years know the conversation topics, words or phrases that will set off the other spouse. In an adversarial proceeding, the other spouse may attempt to use these to his or her advantage. The old parental advice of “being the bigger person” comes in handy. Refusing to let a session fall to a name-calling contest will normally prove beneficial.

An attorney may be helpful in defusing emotional situations in a divorce. A thorough consultation including potential outcomes and probabilities of success on an issue may help divorcing individuals engage in a more rational decision-making process.