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How to get around the need for probate

Those who live or own property in Ohio may be required to go through the probate process. This is when an executor presents a will to a probate judge to be validated. Once a will is validated, assets can be distributed according to its provisions, and the executor may take other steps such as paying income or estate taxes. If an individual dies without a will, a probate judge will appoint an executor on that individual's behalf.

People can learn from Aretha Franklin's estate mistakes

While many people in Ohio may love Aretha Franklin's music, they may want to take a different path when it comes to their estate planning decisions. After the Queen of Soul passed away in August 2018, it was generally believed that she never executed a will. As a result, her estate has remained in the probate courts since that time, with relatives struggling over how her significant assets will be distributed, including valuable song royalties with ongoing income. More recently, three different handwritten wills were located in different locations and proffered to the court; it is not clear if any of them have legal standing.

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