Our law firm knows that custody disputes are very hard for many parents in Ohio. At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we also realize that these disagreements are very difficult for many children as well. For some kids, such as those facing problems in school or other challenges in life, a custody dispute is especially upsetting. Fortunately, as a parent, you likely have the ability to make this situation easier for your child in various ways. In this post, we discuss various considerations regarding talking to your child about a custody dispute. 

In many custody cases, children are torn between two parents they love. This is particularly hard when a custody dispute involves hard feelings, false allegations or the possibility of losing contact with one parent. You should do your best to stay optimistic, as difficult as that is in many instances, and reassure your child everything will turn out fine (even if you have the same concerns). For starters, when you talk with your child you have the opportunity to let them know that they are loved and that your love will remain regardless of the outcome of the dispute. 

Children usually have a lot of questions when a custody dispute comes up, and providing them with answers usually helps to clear up confusion and assist in their ability to process what is going on. You may have a lot of questions yourself, so do plenty of research regarding your custody case. On our divorce page, we write about some other topics that are interconnected with child custody disputes.