Many people end their marriage after a number of years together, finally deciding to call it quits. Others get a divorce shortly after their wedding, and there are various reasons why some newlyweds split up across Ohio. For example, a partner’s behavior sometimes changes abruptly following the wedding, while other problems (such as domestic violence or alcohol addiction) become apparent after living together for a short period of time. At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we recognize how challenging divorce is for people who recently tied the knot, especially when family members helped cover the costs of the wedding. 

Even though getting divorced as a newlywed brings on uncertainty, people must do what is best for their future. Unfortunately, some people stay in a toxic marriage because they feel like they cannot get divorced so quickly. Over time, they find themselves trapped and their life spirals out of control before they finally decide to take action. If you are convinced that ending your marriage is necessary, there is no point in delaying the divorce process (even though it is very tough to file for a divorce right after getting married). 

Whether you tied the knot many years ago or you entered into a marriage in the last few months, if you have come to the conclusion that divorce is best in terms of your happiness, financial well-being or some other facet of your life, there is no point in pushing it off. Please visit our page on divorce to read more about bringing a marriage to an end.