Siblings experience a number of challenges when it comes to estate plans. Sometimes, one sibling depressed or even angry over the way in which assets of an estate are distributed. At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we also understand that disputes create many difficulties in terms of sibling relationships (as well as relationships with other family members). For people in Ohio, it is imperative to take steps to reduce the impact of such a dispute, especially since losing a loved one is already such a difficult experience. 

Probate disputes between siblings come up for an array of reasons. In some instances, one sibling is unhappy about some facet of the probate process solely as a result of an ongoing rivalry with their brother or sister. Regardless of the way in which assets are split up and even when no rights are violated, they simply cannot accept the way in which an estate is managed or distributed. In other cases, siblings have perfectly healthy relationships throughout their lives, but a contentious disagreement over some aspect of their loved one’s estate plan creates a rift in the relationship. 

In many instances, siblings bring out other hard feelings during a probate dispute, such as disagreements spanning many years. It is crucial to set aside your emotions if you are in the middle of a probate dispute with one of your siblings. Whether you are a beneficiary concerned about your rights or you are in charge of an estate plan and your sibling is accusing you of violating his or her rights, visit our probate page to read more on probate disputes.