The process of pursuing custody rights is complex, and for some people (such as fathers) it is especially difficult in some instances. For example, a father who wants to secure his custody rights with respect to a very young child often faces challenges in this regard, and at Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we recognize that many fathers in Ohio struggle with this facet of family law. However, instead of becoming hopeless or accepting that an unfavorable outcome is inevitable, fathers must review the details pertaining to their custody case and understand what steps they can take to secure custody rights.

For starters, fathers (and mothers) have to realize that every custody case is different. The court will take a lot of factors into consideration when deciding how to award custody, whether it is split between both parents or only one parent is given custody of a child. Financial well-being, one’s relationship with their child and a child’s needs all come into play when custody is at stake. Moreover, in some instances, disputes surface that put two parents against each other and these are often very difficult for parents and their children alike.

If you are a father worried about your custody rights, you must review the relevant laws regarding custody and various circumstances related to your life (such as your career, your ability to take care of your child and so on). If you take a look at our page on child custody, you will find more information related to working with your child’s other parent, securing custody rights and visitation.