For people of all ages, the divorce process is often complex for a host of reasons. This is especially true for young children, who often have an even harder time processing what is going on. Children in this position often worry about their ability to spend time with their parents and struggle with the uncertainty brought on by divorce, especially if child custody is in question. Our law firm knows it is imperative for parents to help their kids during these tough times.

As a parent, feelings of hopelessness are not uncommon. Some parents feel powerless and do not think there is anything they can do. However, parents have the ability to help their children in a number of ways. For starters, simply explaining what is going on and providing a child with reassurance is very beneficial. Children need to feel support and love from their parents, especially during times of uncertainty. Parents who answer their child’s questions to the best of their ability and make their child feel loved help tremendously.

Unfortunately, some children wrongly blame themselves for their parents’ marriage coming to an end, which is why parents have a responsibility to address these issues with their children. Young children often have an especially hard time making sense of what is going on and the impact of a dispute over child custody is likely even more intense. If you and your child are struggling with these matters, do your best to address them properly and make sure you understand your options. Take a look at our page on divorce topics for more.