With the advent of the internet, communication is not solely limited to phone calls, face to face communication, and letters. Many of us use social media on a daily basis.

Social media and divorce can be a caustic combination. According to Fatherly, if you are going to make a social media announcement about your divorce, ensure that it is respectful and do it with unity, if possible.

Respect and unity online

There are some people who believe that making divorce announcements on social media is in poor taste no matter how you do it, so prepare yourself for that. However, for many, making announcements on social media frees them from having to make individual statements to all of their friends and family over and over again.

If you do decide to make your initial divorce announcement online, try to keep the tone neutral and cordial. If you can do it in a way where you “tag” your ex-spouse online so that the announcement comes from both of you, this is best.

Tell the kids first

Years in the future, your children may hold you accountable for the way that you broke the divorce to them. Your children having to figure this out through social media is a worst-case scenario.

There is no easy way to tell your kids that you are going to divorce. It is best to be blunt and have all the information you can. For instance, whether or not you are going to keep your current living situation is very important information. You may wish to convene with divorce lawyers before making any big announcements about divorce so your announcement can be as clear and informed as possible.