Couples approaching divorce normally differ in their respective views on how to carry it out fairly, but nearly all parents share a desire for stable, happy and healthy children. It is still daunting for parents who have lived with children full-time to envision a future sharing many fewer days and nights in the same household with them.

Children of divorce and children of unmarried parents living apart benefit when co-parenting mothers and fathers communicate civilly and constructively with each other. A caring, skilled family law attorney on your side can help you through the process of negotiating workable child custody and visitation arrangements.

Keep in mind some key definitions we will use in this discussion:

  • Parenting includes legal decision-making power. A parenting plan clarifies which parent or parents have the right to enroll children in school, take them to the doctor and otherwise give parental consent for travel or other purposes.
  • Custody and visitation refer to the question of where children reside. When your child spends nights with you, you are exercising custody or visitation rights. The child’s location most of the time will normally determine school placement.

The good news about child custody is that many separated and divorced parents discover closer relationships with their children because of greater one-on-one time with them. A thoughtful parenting and custody/visitation plan must take into account things like transportation between the parents’ homes and how to keep a good sleep and school schedule when children regularly move from one location to another. A skilled lawyer can help you design a co-parenting plan, including custody and visitation provisions, that puts your children’s needs first while protecting your parental rights.

Child Support: Fulfilling Parental Responsibilities

Remember that the ultimate goal for married, divorced, never-married or separated parents is to protect and preserve children’s well-being while protecting strong parent-child relationships. This usually includes one parent paying child support to the other. Our lawyers believe you can understand and navigate toward a child support that meets a family law court’s requirements. If you are the parent who will receive child support from the other, we can advise you on ways of enforcing a child support order if necessary.

At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, in Columbus, we have successfully helped many Ohio parents through the processes of designing workable custody and support arrangements. We can help you get the other parent’s agreement to a good plan or we can argue your case before a family law judge and/or jury, if necessary. Ideally, you and the other parent can resolve these issues without costly litigation.

Learn About Your Parental Rights And Your Children’s Best Interests

At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we understand that divorcing and separating parents care a great deal about their children’s well-being. We also know from experience that mothers and fathers need guidance to achieve the best results. Send an email inquiry or call (614) 485-8248 to schedule a consultation.