As you approach a separation or divorce, it is crucial to secure legal protections that will facilitate fair division of financial obligations. A well-negotiated child support and/or spousal support plan will help ensure financial stability of all parties, meeting the needs of:

  • Children who may now split time between two households headed by parents bringing in different levels of income
  • Spouses who had been financially dependent during a marriage

In Ohio as in other states, child support amounts are typically decided based on a state-supplied formula. The formula takes into account child custody, visitation and parental incomes. Sometimes a child’s special needs come under consideration.

When Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, in Columbus represents you in a divorce or separation involving children, you can count on reliable guidance. Our lawyers bring empathy for clients to the table, along with sharp negotiation skills and a passion for protecting both children’s rights and parental rights.

Does your spouse have seasonally variable or self-employment income? We have ample experience determining fair child support arrangements. Once a court order is in place, we can also help you seek or contest proposed child support modifications. We can help you if enforcement becomes problematic, too.

Does Spousal Support Make Sense In Your Case?

You may have a strong case to request spousal support if your husband or wife has supported you during your marriage. Spousal support is not determined through a strict formula as is often the case in child support cases. However, the state of Ohio takes into account factors such as the following for determination of alimony as part of a divorce:

  • Ages
  • Health of both parties
  • The length of a marriage
  • Differences in income-earning potential

Spousal support may be a short-term solution. Alimony is generally considered as an element of asset division. You may decide to forego spousal support while keeping the marital home or 100 percent of business interests. Ideally, you and your spouse should be able to work out a fair outcome through negotiations or mediation. If litigation becomes necessary, you need an experienced family law attorney’s services.

Fairness, individual needs and the financial realities associated with breaking up a marriage all figure into discussions about spousal support. At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, we are prepared to fight for your right to a just outcome, whether you will pay or receive spousal support.

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