A death in the family is normally a time for grieving a loss and regrouping. It is also a time with many legal duties to fulfill. While your family is grieving, who wants to handle the responsibilities associated with estate administration? What if there is a dispute or contention that you made a mistake as personal representative or executor? Our Ohio law firm can help you through these and other challenges that arise when a loved one dies.

Most people do not know what to do to close an estate, and need the help of a probate lawyer. Furthermore, other pressing issues in the family can be overwhelming and an attorney’s guidance and assistance become vital.

We Are Here To Handle All The Details For You

At Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, we bring compassion along with skills and efficiency to the task of helping families with probate and estate administration. Specifically, we facilitate the process through a series of detailed steps, including:

  • Preparing for all steps in estate administration
  • Gathering information and valuations of all assets owned by the decedent
  • Filing necessary paperwork with financial institutions and government agencies
  • Preparing documents required to liquidate or transfer assets in probate and manage each transaction correctly
  • Assisting with claims from the Ohio Medicaid Recovery Program
  • Distribution of assets to named beneficiaries

If there is real estate to sell or lease after a death, our law firm can help with all phases of the process.

Note: If your loved one died in an accident, Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, is here to assist your family in pursuing a wrongful death claim.

We Are Here For You

Our compassion and passion for helping people shine through when we help clients through probate and estate administration. We hope you will give us a call at (614) 485-8248 or send an email inquiry through our online form on the Contact page.