Attorney Arianna Atkins

“Arianna was great! She was professional, offered great suggestions, and helped me navigate custody and other post-divorce issues smoothly and quickly. She was able to help me achieve the goal of being named residential parent; this is significant because it is rare that a father can get residential custody after an uncontested divorce and after a gap of more than 5 years.

Arianna was able to jump right in and make an immediate difference; she drafted communications, helped me to define my goals, and assisted me with communicating the reasons for custody changes. It was a very stressful time for me because I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly having limited visitation time with my children; Arianna’s ability to make an immediate impact took a huge weight off my shoulders. She is exceptionally patient and skilled when it comes to interacting with me as a client, the court, and other attorneys. Whenever we met or had to go to court her guidance and advice helped make me more comfortable with the process; I always felt like I was working with a good friend.

I would recommend Arianna to anyone who needs assistance with custody issues. She was wonderful to work with and I would not hesitate to hire her again if the need arises.” – Craig

Arianna helped me through my divorce and custody battle. She was always incredibly prompt in returning all my emails and phone calls. When we had court dates she was always on time. Divorce is an impossible situation but she helped me to get the best possible out come for both me and my child. I have referred her, and her practice to several of my friends, and I will continue to do so.” – Juli

Arianna was a great attorney to work with. She was pleasant and courteous, and she responded to my questions in a timely manner. She helped me understand the whole legal process a little better during my divorce proceedings. I was able to get what I wanted out of my divorce and I’m very thankful!” – Katie

Ariana is an amazing attorney. Your child/children best interest are very important to her. They are not numbers to her. She truly cares about them. She works very hard, responds to vm and email very quickly. She is very knowledgeable. Keeps you informed of everything. Need a great attorney she is the best.” – Sally

Ms. Atkins helped me gain custody of my niece in less than 3 months. She kept me well informed and responded quickly to my questions and requests. I found her to be very straightforward and honest. I would highly recommend her.” – ​Anonymous

Arianna was a fantastic attorney. I had gone “attorney shopping” one day and didn’t contact Arianna until several months later. She remembered me, my girlfriend and my entire case. I had heard so many horror stories about paternal rights and was determined not be another statistic. Arianna helped everything flow very smoothly. Although I didn’t make the big splash in the legal system I had hoped for, Arianna ensured that all parties were happy and satisfied and that everything remained as fair as possible. She was very confident and determined in her work.” – Luis

I recommend Arianna Atkins. I found Arianna on line, and she is excellent attorney. She takes time to really listen, she is very communicative , very easy to talk to and has a great personality. She was always available to respond to my text massage, e-mail and call very quickly and keeps me informed. I would highly recommend Arianna to any needing an attorney. Thank you Arianna.” – Mirsada

Arianna was diligent and very informative. My ex and I went through a divorce and she helped me every step of the way by answering any questions or concerns I had.” – ​Anonymous

“Arianna was an excellent attorney. She seemed to have the knowledge, expertise, and network to be able to do the job and get you the best results possible. She was very communicative, going above and beyond to get my questions and concerns addressed quickly. She seemed to have a good grasp on what was going on with my particular case and was able to advise on the whole process of what was happening and what to expect. She was able to tell me likely scenarios and timelines, not just things that I wanted to hear. Even during the periods of the case where nothing much was happening, she still was able to stay in contact and knew the status of what was happening to keep you informed. She knows that many times when you need an attorney for custody issues, that situation is the most important thing going on in your life right now and she treats it accordingly. She was very efficient with her time to keep your costs as low as possible. For anybody looking in Columbus or surrounding areas, I would strongly recommend you consider Arianna.” – Nate

She is and excellent caring attorney that does above and beyond for her clients needs. Was great working with her on both things me and my husband needed done. Thanks Arianna.” – Seth & Tiffany

​We found Arianna on line and we are very pleased. Her professionalism and her communication is top notch. She fights for her clients and stands her ground. She won’t tell you what you WANT to hear, she tells you the facts and provides your options with honesty. We are very pleased with our attorney and you will be too!” – Scott & Karrie

Arianna jumped into my ongoing Alimony case with both feet running……she has given me hope that this will finally rap up and have a positive outcome. Arianna has made me feel that I have someone working with me and for me and not just going through the motions. She is knowledgable, compassionate and timely. I highly recommend Arianna Atkins for your legal needs.” – Kelly

What can I say about Arianna? Well, first off she is very communicative, very pleasant to talk to and she’s also very responsive to your calls or emails, and she’s knowledgeable in what I needed her for! She takes time to really listen, an cares about getting the results that you are looking for!! She also looks out for your best interest!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for defense or representation in the child custody area!! If you want a lawyer that works for you, then you should look no further…get Arianna Atkins!!” – Shawn

Ms. Atkins just completed a family law matter for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with her and the outcome. She was always available to answer my questions, and I had many as we went through the process. I would and will recommend her to any needing an attorney.” – ​Anonymous

Arianna is trustworthy and knowledgeable, She respond to my e-mails and call very quickly and keeps me informed, of everything in a timely manner. She would get 100 percent rating in my book. Arianna Atkins is a very good lawyer to work with she gives her work her all.” – Michelle

Arianna has done a great job with my case. She has kept me informed very well and is very good about getting back to me after I email her. She knew what exactly would benefit my case and what we should both be doing. She also is very professional and has a great personality.” – Rachel

Arianna did an amazing job. She made sure she was always in direct contact with me, kept me informed about everything going on with my case and never stopped working to make sure the right decision was made in court. I would recommend Arianna to anyone looking to obtain legal representation because she will work very hard for you and Arianna is also very affordable. So anyone looking for a lawyer in Central Ohio, give Arianna a call!” – Brandon

Attorney Jesse Atkins

I highly recommend Jesse for any Estate/ Probate case, he was very helpful and got things done quickly and always kept us inform on every step in our case, he would email, call, and meet with us when it was convenient for us, even on weekends to help us avoid missing work. He was sensitive to our needs during this difficult time, and would do everything to help make things easier for us, even as simple as signing documents, he explain everything before he would have me sign it. He is very professional but takes great pride in his cases and is extremely helpful getting answers and very timely on filing everything. I was referred to Jesse from a previous attorney that had our case, but moved and gave her cases to Jesse and it could not have been any better for us to end up with him. There was never a question that I did not feel I could ask, he always reassured me to always ask and made sure I understood what the reason was behind any courts decisions. I would like to say THANK YOU JESSE FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND MAKING THIS PROCESS AS EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR US!!” – James

Mr Atkins replaced an attorney in a probate case where I was an executor and did an outstanding job in bringing the estate to final closing. I was out of the state of Ohio for the winter and had never met him.” – ​Anonymous

We worked well by email and telephone. His fees were reasonable in cost.” – JoeAnna Eirich

My wife and I used his services to take care of our Wills before we left for a two week drive out west It was a load off our minds to finally have this taken care of. He bent over backwards to insure we had this taken care of. 6,400 mile trip and no worries about the lack of not having our Wills. The were taken care of thanks to Jesse” – Alan

Jesse was very helpful with both cases he handled for us. He was quick to respond to my calls and e-mails. He even traveled to northeast Ohio to meet me at the BMV. He had all the answers to our questions. He handled our cases professionally and quickly. He put all our worried at ease. We will continue to use Adkins and Adkins for all our legal needs.” – Jennette

I recently had the privilege to work with Jesse Atkins. He kept me informed and updated me quickly every step of the way with my case. He returns phone calls and emails quickly. I have worked with two different attorneys in the past, and what I really liked with Jesse is direct contact he provides. He gets things done in a timely manner. He is excellent to work with. I highly recommend Mr. Atkins.” – Diana

Jessie Atkins worked on two cases for me and has done an excellent job on both. I would recommend Jessie Atkins because he is very helpful and gets the job done in a timely manner.” – Herman

Jesse did an excellent job helping my partner and I with our estate planning.” – Mark

Associate Attorney Jacci Baumann

What should have been a simple divorce: 2 seniors, no children, married only 6 years; wasn’t. Ms. Baumann helped me navigate and resolve a whole series of unreasonable demands by my soon to be ex-husband. She managed filings, responses, court dates, communications with the court and an opposing attorney who wasn’t behaving ethically better than anyone could have expected. I was very happy with her representation and will definitely be reaching out to her for any future legal needs. – Sandy

This review will most definitely have an update! We are still working on a few things to put an end to what has been long process. My husband and I were in search of an attorney who would be a great advocate for father’s rights, and Mrs. Baumann turned out to be exactly that! She has made this journey a more bearable one by remaining patient with us while we had more than a few questions and concerns. She also kept in touch with us often, which to me was extremely important. The last thing you want to feel in custody cases, is unsure or alone. As I told my husband when he first filed for “Joint Custody”, things will get harder, before they get any better. And let me tell you, I haven’t been more right in my entire life! By all means, I am not saying that our case was even close to being “difficult” But any situation in court that involves children, tend to be delicate, and Mrs. Baumann approached the matter head on with so much professionalism. She has been consistent in returning phone calls/emails without any hesitation. I truly believe that she has handled our case as if it were her own. I look forward to the end of our story, and will update soon. – Anonymous

At the most difficult time in my life came my lawyer. She was smart, quick whittled, brilliant and most of all she listened and listened well. She make me feel like she understood what I was not only saying but feeling and she went to work. She always responded to me within a timely manor. She was an outstanding lawyer and at the onset of our initial consultation , I knew she was the one for my case. I’m forever grateful to her for all her hard work and dedication to me. – Anonymous

I was just like any other nervous person when i was looking for an attorney. When i walk into Jacqueline office she was very welcoming and explained the process i should take with everything. She was with me every step of the way. i would def recommend her to others. – Shelby

I wanted to re-define my current child visitation schedule. I was given several options and all possible outcomes with each option. She was able to get my case resolved with everything that I wanted. I will hire her for any future needs. – Michelle

My husband and I hired Jacci to assist my husband with the adoption of my son. She was very professional and helpful and always answered any questions we had in a timely manner. She always kept good communication between all of us. Without her we wouldn’t of won our case and it was one of the best days of our lives! We would recommend her to anyone who needed help in similar situations as ours. Thanks, Jacci! – Anonymous

Jacqueline is a fantastic lawyer. I was going through a very tough custody battle and she was there for me every step of the way. She answered any and all questions that I had, she also gave me advice when I needed it. She truly went above and beyond for me, I highly recommend her! – Jessica

Jacci did an incredible job in making sure I understood the dissolution process, and helped me to figure out what I would need moving forward. She was quick to respond to any questions and concerns that I had. She is an absolute professional. – David

Jacqueline from the first moment I met her, was very professional and came up with a clear way to go through a dissolution as quick and painless as possible. She kept in touch with me through out the process and was available to answer any questions that I had at any time. She also showed respect towards my ex husband when filing the paperwork together and the day of the hearing. I had already given her name to a friend who she had helped with her dissolution as well. She is very trustworthy and goes the extra mile when ending a marriage with children is difficult for anyone. I recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding lawyer. – Kristina

Hiring Jacci Baumann to work on my child’s custody case was one of the best and most important decisions I have ever made. She was extremely prompt and professional while at hearings, via communications between all persons involved, and in submitting records and worksheets to the court. Jacci was extremely detail orientated, always having any document I could possibly request on hand and with an extra copy waiting for me. She truly went above and beyond for me as her client looking numerous years into the future before recommending the best date for me to begin our “every other” custody schedule around the most important Holidays for my family. Simply put, I would recommend her to those closest to me or hire her in the future without any second thought. – Bailey

She is very knowledgeable and intelligent. She returns calls and emails very quickly. She works very hard and really cares about the best interest of the child/children. If you want a great attorney look no further. – Sally

Jacci has been a tremendous help for my divorce and child custody. The marriage was an international marriage, and child custody issues have been very complicated because of my daughter’s dual citizenship and her father’s desire to take her back to Japan. Jacci worked tirelessly to assure that my child stay in America. She is logical, organized, and an excellent writer (which is important regarding appeals). I credit her with keeping my child safe and sleeping in her own bed at night. – Melissa

Jacci Baumann is very professional and empathetic. She helped me through a difficult divorce and now my life is back on track” – Anonymous