When residents of Ohio like you work on your estate plan, you must pick an executor. This person will carry your estate plan out. Because of that, they are a crucial part of the process.

You want to select someone who is right for you and your plans. Today we will look at some things you should look for when picking an estate executor.

Personal qualities of an executor

Forbes takes a look at choosing an executor for your estate. There are many things to look at. First, how compatible are they with you on a personal level? You may not think this is as important, but they will carry out your final wishes. You do not want your wishes represented by someone you do not get along with. You do not want these wishes carried out by someone who is not on the same mental page. Look for an executor who has similar core beliefs and values.

Qualities related to project management

Next, choose one with experience managing big projects. They should have drive and self-motivation. Their organizational capabilities are strong. They should stick to a schedule and be timely with their work. The ideal candidate does not need someone hounding them to get paperwork turned in. They understand and accept the responsibility of this task.

Finally, choose a person with a somewhat open schedule. It is important to understand that probate takes a long time. It can often last several years. Someone may not fit the role of executor if they have big plans coming up. This includes starting a family or opening a business.

Once you have someone that fits these categories, you can reach out to them about the possibility. If they agree, from there you can proceed to settle your plans.