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Financial Powers of Attorney in Ohio

Executing a Financial Power of Attorney may be a wise decision. For married couples, with joint bank accounts (and joint access to manage monies), a financial power of attorney may appear at first less beneficial. Yet there are many other situations, whether married or otherwise, where having a trusted agent acting on your behalf may become both necessary and beneficial.

Ohio Last Will Execution Requirements

When many clients envision what it's like to prepare their wills, they imagine an empty room with their estate planning attorney at a desk signing a document to establish who inherits their property after they die. They get a feeling that invokes both relief and uncertainty for the future.

However, many do not realize that you and your attorney are not the only ones in the room during your will signing. Even if you enjoy having everything privately, Ohio requires you to have two adult witnesses, who are not benefitting from the Last Will, witnessing you sign the necessary documents in their presence. 

As your attorney and members of their firm are not beneficiaries under your Will, they may serve, if you wish, as the witnesses to its signing.

Another common misconception is that Last Wills in Ohio require notarization; they do not.

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