Do not make the mistake of believing that estate planning is a morbid topic or for elderly people. None of us knows how long we will live. A glance at any major newspaper reminds us that people die unexpectedly. Many will not have the luxury of time to plan for passing on assets when death is near. Preparation today can preserve assets for tomorrow.

Estate planning is an important aspect of financial management and planning for any adult with assets and/or family members. This means almost everyone needs a will at the very least. Without a will, your property would be distributed according to state laws after your death. Most people have more specific intentions for the use of their assets after their lives are over.

Estate planning lawyers at Atkins and Atkins Attorneys at Law, LLC, can help you translate your wishes into legally effective documents. With our help, you can prevent future family disputes over your estate. We serve young families, senior citizens and all age groups in between. Clients come from throughout the Columbus area and elsewhere in Ohio.

Planning Ahead To Reduce Your Family’s Stress

For the sake of your family or representatives of charitable causes you may include in your will, you need sound legal advice when preparing estate planning documents such as:

  • Trusts — either stand-alone trusts or trusts built into wills
  • Powers of attorney for financial, legal and/or health care purposes
  • Advance directives or living wills, clarifying your wishes in case of medical incapacity

Plan now to protect whoever will take care of your assets and affairs after you pass away. You can spare your family much expense and trouble if you designate agents who can act on your behalf when you are unable to — both before and after your death.

Create Or Update A Will And Other Estate Planning Tools

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